Mako arrived on the market in 2008 thanks to the passion and work of its founders, Jérémie Chapon and Jessica Harrison. The first products they worked on were neoprene wetsuits for triathlon. Jérémie, who had never found a suit perfectly suited to him in his 10 years of triathlon practice, came to the conclusion that the only way to find it would be to create it! Their goal was to design a completely new product without being influenced by other products on the market. So they didn't use any existing patterns, and the wetsuits were created from scratch to meet these specifications - a perfect fit with the best materials, without any marketing gimmicks.

Today, 15 years later, MAKO is distributed in about fifteen countries and through over 150 retailers all over France. The brand continues to grow and works with numerous male and female athletes to constantly improve its products and expand its range by offering innovative novelties, always with the desire to offer high-quality items with impeccable aesthetics and the best value for money on the market.

The brand also offers a range of customizable products for clubs and organizations, whether in swimming, triathlon, athletics, or cycling. MAKO diversifies while keeping its objectives clear: to innovate, be impeccable in quality and aesthetics, and remain accessible to everyone.

In Finland MAKO is distributed by ALLEZ ALLEZ SPORT OY you can buy our products online here:


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