What's a Open Water/ Triathlon wetsuit? Why do I need one?


It's possible to swim in open water without a wetsuit if the water is warm enough, but if you're training for a triathlon or if you want to swim when the water is colder, you'll want to invest in a specific wetsuit. Why is that? A triathlon wetsuit keeps you warm if the water is cold, makes swimming easier, and is safe to use due to its buoyancy.

There are different types of wetsuits for kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, swimrunning, and surfing. But, a triathlon wetsuit is designed for open water swimming. It's flexible, comfortable, buoyant, and easy to take off after the swim. It's made of neoprene rubber, but it's not too thick since the rules of Ironman and the International Triathlon Union specify a maximum neoprene thickness of 5 mm on any part of the body. Triathlon wetsuits have long sleeves for optimal swimming performance. While sleeveless wetsuits can be comfortable in hot conditions, they are not the best choice for swimming.

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